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Things That Annoy Me

I made a post about things that make me happy in the past, which actually did really well, and although I'm a super bubbly person, I am human and there are things that annoy me. So I thought, why don't I make a part II about just that!

I do not want this post to come across as negative in anyway or offend anybody. This is just a bit of fun and is pretty much a chance for me to rant about nonsense.

Things that annoy me:

1. People who Snapchat EVERYTHING. I don't mean people with long stories (that doesn't bother me), I mean people who can't do anything without getting their camera out. What happened to living in the moment? When we're out having a great time and someone does something funny, why does it have to be done 100 times over just to get it on camera for your story? Or why do you feel the need to film yourself when you're literally just walking out a shop.

2. When restaurants run out of pretty much everything but water. I walked into a shop/café for my lunch the other day and had a good look at the menu before ordering. I told the woman what I wanted and she said "sorry we're out of that". I thought fair enough and asked for something else on the menu, "sorry we have none left". I asked for THREE different things on the menu and did they have any? NOPE. Sorry, what? I'm hungry and I'm having to order some random meal I've never thought to try because everything I liked the look of is gone. Frustrating.

3. PDA. I could go on about this for months on end, so I'll try and make this short. OK, you're in love. Congratulations, I'm happy for you. One thing that I'm not happy about though is that I can't go where I want to go because you're too busy standing in my way, eating your boyfriend/girlfriend. Why can't you do that in your own house? Why do you need to be standing in the middle of the road where everyone can see you? It just isn't necessary, is it?

4. Crocs. No explanation needed

5. Being left on read. If I have asked you a question or I'm just feeling friendly and check up on you, why can't you just reply? Fair enough if you've got things to do, I get it, but when you post on your story and I'm here still waiting for an answer 6 hours later, its just a bit insulting to be honest.

6. Flies. Why? What is your purpose? Why must you exist? Why invade my personal space? So many questions.

7. Seagulls.....again, why?

8. Rude people. Basic manners is not optional. Even better, they cost nothing! I'm not saying to go give a random man £200, just say thank you when you get off the bus and please when you order food. When you're running late, let the person/people know. When you can't follow plans through, tell them. Just basic manners people.

9. Overly loud people honestly make me want to cry. I don't get it. There is this thing called social etiquette, that EVEYONE should have. If you're in a quiet area, don't scream. If you're surrounded by children or elderly people, don't start shouting the F bomb every second. Just respect people around you.

10. Boys who don't know how to approach a girl correctly get under my skin. If you want to get a girl's number or snap, don't start yelling "Oi peng ting" or "That ass tho". For one, I'm not a "ting" and two, don't expect me to give you the time of day if you refer to me as one. Its so annoying. Its like they expect you to fall head over heels.

11. Being nagged. Do you ever get told to do something by a teacher or your parents and they then moan at you for not doing it after they asked you about 5.3 seconds ago? I will do it when I can! If you had told me you wanted it done that second, I would have, but didn't. I will do it!

12. When my natural hair won't co-operate

13. People that always have something to say. Those people get to me sooo much. They have no respect for other people and they're just irritating! Always getting involved and always have an opinion nobody needed to hear at that moment in time. *sigh*

Not going to lie but writing all this down was kind of therapeutic! Let me know what annoys you.

Thanks for reading,
Have a great day x

My Top 6 Beauty Tips

I was inspired by Lauren Victoria a fellow blogger (that you should totally be following) to write about some beauty tips that I follow. She did a post called 10 Beauty Tips I Swear By and I enjoyed it so much that I thought I would share some of mine too! I have only been into makeup and beauty for about three years but in those three years I have experienced the good, the bad and the ugly. If you know me, you know my glow up was REAL. I definitely had an awkward phase haha and leading up to my love for beauty I have experimented tons.

I've made mistakes, I've been in denial of some of those mistakes, but I've also found what suits me and what needs to be a part of my beauty routine. So without further ado, here are my top 6 beauty tips.

1: Drinks Lots of Water!!

You're probably giving the dirtiest look right now but I'm telling you, its so important. Its one of the most cliché pieces of advice but will always be relevant. Water makes EVERYTHING better. Your skin, hair, body, mind. EVERYTHING. When I don't drink enough water in the day I definitely notice the effects. I feel more tired, my skin is so much more dry etc. Water is key. SO DRINK IT!

2: Wash your Face at least Twice a day

I know the feeling of not wanting to get out of bed when you go to fall asleep and realise you still have your makeup on. I know the feeling of being too exhausted to do anything let alone your skin care routine but YOU MUST cleanse your skin. Not cleansing your skin or taking off your makeup can lead to acne and build up of bacteria. Make sure to wash your face every morning because you actually sweat in your sleep and even resting on your pillow for 6+ hours will cause a build up of germs. At night, I know it is tempting just to grab a makeup wipe and be done but makeup wipes actually only take off dirt/makeup from the surface of your skin and you need to go deeper. Try to attempt cleansing your skin every night, even if you don't do any other part of your skin care routine.

3: Do your tail first

One of my favourite parts of doing my makeup are my brows. I have been experimenting LOTS when it comes to brows over the years. Shape, colour, products, you name it. I have found one tip I will ALWAYS live by. Outline your brows as you usually would, but when it comes to filling them in, start at the tail. By doing the ends of your brows first, you're left with only a small amount of product left on the brush. This makes feathering out the front and making hair-like strokes so much easier and it looks so much more natural. I don't remember where I found this technique or when but all I know is that ever since I have been doing it, my brow game has got so much stronger!

4: Use Foundation to carve the brows

Another brow trick I have is to use foundation to carve them out. Most people use a light concealer to carve out their brows but I'm not a huge fan of the highlighted look. It often just looks way too harsh and unblended. I only really carve out my brows if I have a full face of makeup on but when I do, I like to use the foundation that I am using that day. That way my brows look neat and clean but don't look too much. If you struggle with brows, definitely give this a go.

5: Highlight in circular motions

This is more of a recent technique that I have picked up but I know I'll definitely stick with it. I used to apply my highlighter straight onto my cheekbones in an up down sort of C shape but after a while, I noticed that it looked really harsh and unblended so I decided to try a new technique. I pick up the highlighter on my brush but instead of sweeping up and down, I start just above the apples of my cheeks and I use circle motions in a C shape. It looks so much more skin-like and blended. I have even been getting more compliments on my highlight since doing it, so clearly its working out.


This is one of those tips that I think is super important and kind of essential. Make sure you let your skin breathe. Not only from makeup, but skin care products too. By applying too many products on your skin and often, you can clog your pores. Have days where you wear no makeup or as little products as possible. I used to do a full face of makeup just to wear in my house all day (still guilty of this sometimes) but now I prefer just to wear moisturiser when I'm chilling at home. Even as I write this, I only have moisturiser on. I have had makeup on all week so today is my day to let my skin breathe. Let it replenish and heal itself after a week or few days.

What are your top beauty tips?

Thanks for reading,
Have a great day x

October Academic Goals

This post is coming a bit late considering its the second week of October already, which is quite frankly insane. We're getting so close to the end of the year now. My September goals went down pretty well in terms of interest so I thought I would carry on this series. It is now October so I'm going to share with you my goals for this month.

FYI: A few of my goals from September will also transfer to this month.

1) Make my Title Page and Contents for EPQ

I've finished my content and I now need to create my title page and contents page to go with it. This should not take too long as it is quite a simple task, but it does need to be completed.

2) Make sure my EPQ References are correct

I have made sure to reference my work throughout and I have my bibliography, however I need to make sure that they're accurate and laid out well.

3) Start History Coursework

I've chosen my topic and question and I've been researching for 2 weeks but now I want to have finished researching and start an introduction. By taking it step by step, I won't overdo anything and maintain somewhat a balance with everything else I have to do.

4) Start my flashcards

I honestly would have started it from day one except in my area, no shops seem to have any stock but I'm going to go back to ASDA next Friday to see if they have some now and once I get some, I'll start making my flashcards. It will save me so much time if I start now and I can start to learn content this half term

So these are my goals for this month. Hopefully I can complete them. I did really well in September so fingers crossed!

Thanks for reading,
Have a great day x

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